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Tesla Tunnel Station Turnstiles -
Resorts World Las Vegas

Submitted to:
Jon Gardner
Director, Strategic Sourcing
3000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Submitted by:
www.TURNSTILES.us, Inc.
January 2022

www.TURNSTILES.us is a professional organization dealing with the physical and electronic securing of building entrances with Turnstiles, Mantraps, EntraPASS Access Control Hardware, and Software since 1989. We are a U.S. Federal Government Contract Holder (GS 07F 9239S) and are registered with the U.S. Federal Government System for Award Management (#181428611).

TURNSTILES.us is honored to present our Turnstile Solutions to Resorts World Las Vegas. Please find the selected equipment information listed below. We appreciate the opportunity to present our initial budget and design proposal to secure your facility.

Ticketed Turnstile Entrance for Tesla Tunnel Station

We are looking to provide RWLV with a 3-lane system of turnstiles, installed, and tied to a ticketing system where customers will purchase entry into the Tesla Tunnel. See selected equipment data below.


(2) mWing Center Expansion Modules
(2) mWing End Modules
(3) QR Barcode Reader
(3) Mounting Box for Readers
(3) Multi-Technology Proximity Reader
(3) KT-400 Door Controller
(3) KT- Battery and Power Supply for Controller
(3) Relay, Base and Snaptrack
(1) Wiring Package
(1) EntraPASS Global Workstation with Software
(1) EntraPASS Card Gateway
(1) EntraPASS Redudancy Server
(3) Touchscreen Kiosk with Apple Pay and Printer
(1) Ticketing Interface


(2) Factory Installers
(10) Days of Field Labor
(2) Days of Travel Pay
(1) Factory Installer
(14) Days of User Training
Customer Will Provide Conduit
Scope of Work
Uncrating and Removal of Debris
Installation of Equipment
Interconnect Cabling
Test Operation of All Units
User Training

mWing Illuminated Optical Turnstiles

mWing Illuminated Optical Turnstiles

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  • Three-Lane Array of mWing Turnstiles
    • (2) End Modules and (2) Center Expansion Modules
  • Bi‐directional passage
  • ADA-compliant lane widths (900mm/35.4in)
  • Modern style with clear wing doors and sides
  • Logo etched onto polycarbonate panels
  • Illuminated edge, base, and passageway
    • White light for ready, green for go, red for no passage
  • Mounted readers can scan paper or digital codes
  • Multi-function Readers available for Bluetooth * RFID * NFC * Hotel room keycard, QR, Barcode, or with keypad
  • Manufacturer warranty

Ticketing Kiosks

  • Cashless Ticketing Kiosks
  • Credit Card Acceptor
  • QR or Barcode Receipt Printer
  • Printed or Digital codes may be scanned for entry through turnstiles
  • Direct Link to Ticketing
  • Ticket options could include single-ride, multiple rides, all-day pass, 5-day pass, 2-week pass, etc.
  • Touch Screen intuitive operation
  • Kiosk has space for stickers, option of lighted panels or additional screens for video, signage, and advertising
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EntraPASS Global Access Control

EntraPASS is an award-winning Access Control Software delivering powerful features, tailored programming, and seamless equipment integration. This robust suite of high performance software allows customers to design and operate any number of electronically locking doors – securely, quickly & efficiently. EntraPASS synchronizes with Door Controllers, Biometric Readers, Proximity Readers, CCTV Video Cameras, and a large selection of Security Turnstiles to complete your Access Control System. 

The EntraPASS Global Edition Workstation comes with EntraPASS Global Edition Security Management Software loaded onto a powerful All-in-One PC – and programming built just for you.

It is pre-configured for a variety of security levels so other users can view and manage alarms, time zones, access control points, and reports.
Powerful features support remote live monitoring and reporting.

Additional Options and Licenses – including easy web and mobile apps – are available to expand the functionality of your access control system.

EntraPASS Global Workstation

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EntraPASS Web

EntraPASS Web allows you to monitor, manage and maintain your
security system from any computer connected to the internet.

EntraPASS Go

Mobile Security Platform for iPhone and Andrioid
iPad and Android Powered Tablets

EntraPASS Mobile Credentials

Turn almost any device into a secured log-in credential to your EntraPASS Control System

EntraPASS Card Gateway

Card Database management through Oracle or MS-SQL tables

Drafting and Documentation

We provide documentation for your project such as Equipment Location Details, Wiring Diagrams, and other schematics.

The following Wiring Diagram shows your array of three ADA lanes with iClass Readers and QR/Barcode Readers connected to Controllers and the EntraPASS Global Workstation. The Redundancy Server stores a mirrored backup of your data.


Factory-Trained Installation

We are a One Stop Shop

  • Over 33 Years of Installation Experience
  • Pride in Craftsmanship
  • We provide Turn-Key Service with Value-Added Engineering
  • We provide Access Control Elements integrated with the Turnstiles
  • U.S. Federal Government GSA Contract # GS-07F-9239S
  • SBA Small Business HubZone Certification # 64753

Design-Build Vision

Kiosk Design 1
Touch Screen Welcome Page

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this project.

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