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Entrance Management Solutions

The people around you are the most important assets to your business. The health, safety, and security of all people is our number one priority.

Together in a joint venture, TURNSTILES.us and SANICO USA provide a comprehensive range of solutions in entrance management security. 

EntraPASS Concierge Smart Systems

With EntraPASS Concierge, your office is awake and ready by the time you walk through the door. We integrate our devices with your door access system: Securely enter the smart building, and experience your environment automatically catering to your preferences. 

Espresso machine, lights, and climate come on, computer and selected devices power up, window shades open, signs come on throughout the building, things wake up and at the end of the day go to sleep – all from the palm of your hand with EntraPASS Concierge.


Construction Site Access Control

Our portable turnstile and gate systems are great for construction site management – available for purchase or for lease.

We offer unique and convenient systems for Construction Site Access Control, Photo ID-Badging Kits, Occupancy Tracking, CCTV, and Solar Powered Security Stations.

Access Control Systems for Lease

Equipment Leasing

Select Equipment from TURNSTILES.us is Available for Lease/Rental through SANICO USA. We offer our most popular equipment packages with a Turnstile Buyback – Resale Program.

Contact TURNSTILES.us to discuss your requirements.

More Offerings


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System Rental, Leasing, Purchase
Turnstile Installation
System Integration
Automatic Temperature Screening
Access Control Programming
Private Server Hosting
Drone Spray Sanitization
Disinfection Services
Site Cleanup


Corporate Facilities
Construction Sites
Public Locations
Industries Such As:

Hospitality, Food and Grocery, Travel, Schools, Gyms, Offices, Construction Sites, Medical, Government, etc.

Are you considering the best way to manage the attendance of people on your site?

Rental can be a great option because you can use the equipment you need for a period of time, then return it – for less costs that purchasing the equipment outright. But, once you experience the benefits that managed access control provides, you won’t want to give it back, so we offer the option to purchase equipment. Whichever route you take, SANICO USA – TURNSTILES.us can accommodate the needs of your facility, providing turn-key solutions that end up saving time and money. Contact us any time to discuss your requirements. 

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