Turnstile Canopy Entrance

The team at TURNSTILES.us is honored to provide CITGO / Brindley with our Turnstile Canopy Entrance System. Please find the selected equipment information listed below.

Location Photos

AutoCAD Equipment Location Detail

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Equipment Data


(2) HS430-T, 30″ Passage, Galvanized, Tandem Turnstiles
(2) Cold Weather Package for Tandem Turnstiles
(4) Electronic Control Heads for Tandem Turnstiles
(2) Orange End Caps for Tandem Turnstiles
(8) Aluminum Card Reader Mounting Plates
(2) Bidirectional Key Override Sets
(2) Home Position Switch
(1) HS336-ADA Mesh Gate
(1) Magnetic Lock
(1) Full Panic Bar
(1) Anti-Reach Barriers
(1) 28′ x 12′ Basic Canopy to Cover Turnstiles and Gate
(1) Interior and Exterior Lighting for Canopy



Engineering Drafting Programming

  • AutoCAD Equipment Location Detail
  • Installation Notes on Drawing
  • Shipping and Crating
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