Controlled Access Waist High Turnstiles – PassThru Series

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The PassThru™ Series waist-high turnstiles are high traffic volume units crafted in 304 stainless steel. This model provides the largest passage area (18″ arm) of any of our waist-high units. PassThru™ units are available in total stainless steel (PTS or PTS-P; portable) for interior or exterior applications or with a solid surface top for interior projects (PTR round end and PTZ trapezoid end).


Data Sheet – PTS PTR PTZ / PassThru Series

Production Worksheet for Manufacturing – Tripod


  • Interior or exterior use (PTS Model Only)
  • Interior use (PTR and PTZ Models)
  • Ideal for managing high traffic volume areas where you want a more “open” cabinet style
  • This unit features our longest turnstile arm (18”)
  • Can be interfaced with optional LCD counters, computer attendance systems, card readers, push-button and wireless remote controls
  • Nearly universal integration to any number of access control systems


  • Home Position Switch – Additional limit switch provides an SPDT output while at home for security integration
  • Proximity Sensor Upgrade – Replaces limit switches with proximity sensors for part longevity
  • Bidirectional Key Override Set for Manual or Electric 2-Way Units – Allows the turnstile to be locked independently in each direction with a turn of a key
  • Daylight Visible Indicator Lights – A tri-color (R/G/Y) indicator light. Most models only use R/G.
  • 8 Digit Key Resettable LCD counter with 7 year Lithium Battery
  • Single or Double Push Button (installed on-site)
  • One Channel 900 MHz Wireless Receiver (one per direction)
  • One or Two Button Wireless Key Fob Transmitter
  • Battery Back-Up – 12ah battery kit with 2x 12VDC batteries & 2 amp 24VDC charger
  • Card Reader Mounting Option – Recessed into the lid (per lid, up to 2 readers) – PTR & PTZ models only
  • Add a Steel Backplate to Turnstile



  • Cabinet: 304 Stainless Steel / Satin Finish
  • Top: Stainless Steel on the PTS model
    *CorianTM Tops (PTR and PTZ model):
    *Select a Solid Surface Top from the CorianTM Color Pallet (or Wood)
    *Color Tier A = Price Included
    *Color Tier B, C, and D = Require a Surcharge / Call for Pricing
  • Arm: Stainless Steel
    *316 Stainless Steel Upgrade (only available for large quantity orders)



PTS Tripod:

  • Item weight: 155lbs each
  • Height: 38.250″ (971.55mm)
  • Width: 26.625″ (676.275mm)
  • Depth: 36.625″ (930.275mm)
  • Base: 8.000″
  • Arm Length: 18.000″


Above: Complete Entrance Management Solution from with customized PassThru Tripod Turnstile



Above: PassThru Tripod Turnstiles with Customized Top and Round Ends


*Please note Freight is not included and will be billed separately. Contact for more information.


Additional information

Weight N/A

PTS (Stainless Top), PTR (Round Solid Surface Top), PTZ (Trapezoid Solid Surface Top), PTS-P (Portable)

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