MPT Tandem Full Height Turnstile

$ 17,495.00$ 29,800.00

MPT turnstiles are the ideal solution when it is necessary to secure outdoor areas with high rates of pedestrian traffic. Numerous options are available for access control.

  • Space-saving dual-lane system for two independent passageways
  • Electromechanical or motorized designs available
  • Sensitive impact detection for maximum safety
  • Numerous options, e.g. expansion for wheelchair access
  • Meets industry safety standards


PC = Powder Coated
SS = Stainless Steel
RAL# = Describes Color




The grounds of companies, public authorities, or airports must be secured against unauthorized access. On the other hand, employees, suppliers, and service providers must be able to enter and leave quickly. Our turnstiles and swing gates are easy to integrate into existing architecture or fencing, offering a high level of security due to their size and robust designs.

For pedestrian control in outdoor applications
MPT dual-lane turnstiles are the ideal solution for outdoor access control when two passage lanes are required and where space is limited. MPT turnstiles can be easily adapted to your requirements thanks to the drive variants offered.

The MPT53 has an electromechanical locking unit and the rotary movement is initiated by users themselves – a popular variant at leisure parks and stadiums. The electric motor-driven MPT152 turnstile is set in motion by means of an energy-efficient, maintenance-free drive unit. Both drive versions can be controlled by means of all conventional access control systems and can be operated in both throughflow directions as an option. MPT turnstiles can also be individually adapted to your requirements in other ways: with a variety of material options, interlock variants, additional attachments, and expansions for bicycles, wheelchairs, and material carts.



  • Full Height Tandem Turnstile
  • Electromechanical or Motorized
  • Bidirectional Passage
  • 3-Wing Configuration
  • Fully Powder Coated (RAL 7042 or a custom color)
  • Dimensions: 87 x 52 x 88 inches
  • Weight: Approx 992 lbs
  • Option to lock or spin freely on power outages
  • Designed for 10 million opening and closing cycles
  • Part of the Perimeter Protection Series



  1. MPT152C-C300* Motorized – Fully powder-coated in RAL 7042
  2. MPT152C-C300X* Motorized – Fully powder-coated in custom color
  3. MPT152C-C340 Motorized – Frame and top cover are fully powder-coated in RAL 7042, Center column is SS 316
  4. MPT53C-C300G* ElectroMechanical – Fully powder-coated in RAL 7042
  5. MPT53C-C300GX* ElectroMechanical – Fully powder-coated in custom color
  6. MPT53C-C340G ElectroMechanical – Frame and top cover are fully powder-coated in RAL 7042, Center column is SS 316




INSTALLATION Installation Services are Available! Contact us. > See our portfolio of work Here

*Please note: Freight is not included and will be billed separately.
Worldwide freight services are available.




Additional information

Weight 992 lbs
Dimensions 87 × 51.9 × 88 in

MPT152C-C300 Motorized (Fully PC, RAL#7042), MPT152C-C300X Motorized (Fully PC custom color), MPT152C-C340 Motorized (Frame PC RAL#7042, Center column SS316), MPT53C-C300G ElectroMechanical (Fully PC, RAL#7042), MPT53C-C300GX ElectroMechanical (Fully PC custom color), MPT53C-C340G ElectroMechanical – (Frame PC RAL#7042, Center column SS316)

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