WMD318+ Walk Through Metal Detector with Body Temperature Detection

$ 4,596.00


The WMD318+ Walk Through Metal Detector has a body-temperature sensor to detect high body temperature and alerts security personnel so they can take appropriate action accordingly. WMD318+ provides convenient & rapid metal detection for high foot traffic areas. Users
position their forehead or wrist 6 inches away from the temperature sensor. If the person walking through has a body temperature exceeding the user-defined setting, then an audio/visual alarm will be triggered. WMD318+ can help detect unacceptable body temperature in schools, airports, commercial office buildings, retail locations, and other public areas.


Data Sheet – WMD318+ Walk Through Metal Detector with Temperature Sensor

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  • Easy Assembly: Only 4 pieces to assemble
  • Multiple Zone Detection: 18 overlapping metal detection zones with multiple alarms
  • Secure: Only ​​​​​​authorized personnel can access the controls & settings
  • Automatically records the number of passages
  • Temperature is detected in less than 1 second
  • Body-temperature read range accuracy up to +/- 0.9°F
    • Recommended for installation in climate-controlled rooms
  • 5.7 inch LCD Display
  • Adjustable Sensitivity (Set for 1-256)
  • Intelligent, lightweight energy-saving design
  • Includes remote controller


  • Power supply: AC100 V~240V
  • Working temperature: -68°F ~+122°F
  • Working frequency: 4KHz~8KHz
  • Standard external size: 27.28 ft (H)X 2.7 ft (W)X 1.9 ft (D)
  • Standard internal size: 6.52 ft (H)X 2.3 ft (W)X 1.9 ft (D)
  • Package Dimensions: 7.58 ft (H)X 1.15 ft (W)X 2.18 ft (D)
  • Gross weight: 143 lbs
  • Temperature sensor type: IR temperature sensor
  • Temperature measurement time: ≤1s
  • Temperature measurement point: Forehead or wrist
  • Best temperature measurement distance: 6 inches
  • Height of temperature sensor: 5 feet (customizable)
  • Tolerance of temperature measurement: ± 0.9 °F
  • Measuring range: 86°F – 113°F
  • The time interval between two temperature measurements: 2s



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Additional information

Weight 143 lbs
Dimensions 2.2 × 1.2 × 7.58 in

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