Turnstile and ADA Gate System

Visionary Services, Inc. - San Diego, CA

The team at www.TURNSTILES.us, Inc. is honored to provide our Access Control Solutions and Products to Visionary (Construction) Services Inc. Please find the selected equipment information listed below. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

2D AutoCAD Equipment Location Details


Equipment Data

(1) 30″ Tandem, Galvanized, Two-Way Electric Turnstile
(1) Black End Caps (130)
(4) Card Reader Mounting Plates
(6) Indicator Lights
(1) 36″ ADA Gate Galvanized with Vertical Tubing
(1) Panic Bar for ADA Gate
(2) Anti-Reach Barriers
(1) Stainless Steel Automatic Door Opener
(2) 48″ Tall Card Reader Pedestal 
(2) 6″x 6″ Stainless Steel Card Reader Box
(1) Outdoor Rated Blue Strobe Light
(1) Power Supply for the Strobe Light
(2) Mounting Bracket for the Blue Strobe Light
(6) HID Card Readers
(1) 20′ Street Light with Underground Rack


Field Labor & Travel
(2) Installers
(1) Day Field Labor
(2) Days of Travel

Engineering Drafting Programming
2D AutoCAD Equipment Location Detail PDF
Point-to-Point Schematic
Initial Factory Programming
Remote Desktop Assistance
Shipping and Crating

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Fabrication Photos

*Currently In Progress – Check for Updates!*


TURNSTILES.us Advantage

We are a One Stop Shop

  • We provide Turn-Key Service with Value-Added Engineering
  • We provide Access Control Elements integrated with the Turnstiles
  • 32 Years of Experience
  • Pride in Craftsmanship
Kennedy Tank - University of IL
Enclosed Glass Turnstile Canopy
Dart Container - Fort Smith, AR
Full Canopy Walkway Entrance
JG Kern - Sterling Heights, MI
Full Security Entrances w/Facial Recognition
Aurubis - Buffalo, NY
Peaked Roof Canopy with Turnstiles and Gates

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this project.

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