AG-OPTIC Optical Turnstiles

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AG-OPTIC Optical Turnstiles deliver the latest in optical sensing technology and are built with unmatched craftsmanship. Using a non-restrictive method to control traffic flow, these units use sensors to monitor entrances where ID Card access is required. In addition, they allow for rapid pedestrian advancement and barrier-free ADA access while preventing entry by those without credentials. A fitted base platform is also available to non-invasively secure the units and conceal wiring. Outlaw Optical lanes offer a flexible range of passage widths up to 38″, and platforms meet the required ADA slope. Cosmetic and technical features can be customized to fit any situation and integrate with EntraPASS Access Control Systems.

Optical lanes require a Primary (transmitter) and Secondary (receiver) unit. A Hybrid unit contains both Primary and Secondary equipment and functions as a Center Lane Expansion Module to create two or more lanes.


Data Sheet – AG-OPTIC Barrier Free Optical Turnstiles

Architectural Specification – AG-OPTIC Optical Turnstiles





  • Complete Automatic Security Barrier
  • For Interior Use
  • Ideal for settings such as banks, office lobbies, embassies, museums, etc. where the majority of the people enter using an ID card
  • Optical sensors provide for passage of up to 30 people per minute
  • LED end displays indicate direction status
  • Lower section optical sensors prevent unauthorized crawling through lanes
  • Alarm provides an audible tone, as well as a solid-state output
  • Flexible passage width (Standard 36″)
  • Standard Casing: #4 brushed 304 Stainless Steel
  • Top Plate: Black Granite in a Stainless Steel casing
  • Factory-installed, purpose-built microcontroller platform for embedded custom software
  • Fabricated and tested for proper operation at the factory
  • Requires external Access Control Software/Hardware for barrier actuation
  • Integrates with EntraPASS Access Control Systems
  • Hand-built in the U.S.A.



  • Card Reader Mounting
  • Matching Post/Rail and Glass Barriers
  • Custom Metals and Finish Materials:



* Additional options are available upon request.



Contact for installation information.
See our portfolio of work here.



*Contact us for a freight quote.

Additional information


AG-OPTIC-P-S (One Lane), AG-OPTIC-H (Center Lane Expansion Module), AG-OPTIC-2L (Two Lanes)


Stainless Steel, 280 Muntz Brass

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