SMD600 Plus High Sensitivity Walk-Through Metal Detector

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The SMD600 Plus is built for Security Screening Checkpoints requiring both high-security monitoring and high-volume throughput.


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SMD600‐PLUS Ultra High Sensitivity Walk‐Through Metal Detector is designed to satisfy the strictest security requirements and to detect all metals commonly used in improvised weapons extending the detection sensitivity to metal threats previously considered undetectable due to their minimal dimensions and metal composition, fully compliant with the NIJ 0601.02 Standard, but also able to reach a high level of discrimination when set at GA or GD security levels, complete with dual‐beam photocells transit counter, four multizone display bars programmable as pacing lights and/or 20 localization zones (times 2) with left and right indication, random alarm capability, One‐touch self-installation, low voltage DC power, Chip‐Card programming, Bluetooth and RS‐232 communication, anti‐tamper on/off switch.

A full-height light bar displays the location of the detected metal masses in transit. This results in rapid identification of threats and a reduction or elimination of the need for manual searches. The transit volume magnetic scanning system, applied since the production of the first zonal Metal Detectors in 1986, allows state-of-the-art detection and discrimination results. The SMD600 Plus has a very low nuisance alarm rate even at the strictest Security Levels requested today, and therefore allows high transit flow rates and the minimum need for intervention by inspection personnel.

Data Sheet – SMD600 Plus

Key Features

  • Very High Sensitivity
  • Excellent discrimination of personal metal effects
  • Very high throughput in high-security public screening checkpoints
  • Met-Identity technology identifies and signals the metal type in real-time
  • Exceptional Immunity to external interferences
  • High precision bidirectional counter with automatic rescreening compensation
  • Random alarm capability programmable from 0% to 100%
  • Chip Card capability for fast, simple, and secure programming
  • Standard Interfaces: RS-232, BT wireless communication, Infrared. Other available interfaces: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB


  • Continuous self diagnostic system
  • Proven reliability
  • No periodic re-calibration and preventive maintenance required
  • No scheduled maintenance
  • Fully digital design

Walk-through gate structure

  • State-of-the-art, robust and washable panels
  • Protected against aging, weather, and wear

Central control unit

  • Ergonomic and robust design
  • High visibility alphanumeric display and programming keyboard
  • Made of advanced plastics or stainless steel and anti-vandalism construction (option)
  • Access to the front panel protected by hardware key and 3 levels of passwords

Alarm signaling

  • Visual signals
    • Multi-zone display bar for “height on person” localization
    • 4 light bars with selectable entry/exit and pacing indication
    • Green and red metering signals proportional to the mass of the detected target
  • Audio signals
    • 10 selectable continuous and pulsed tone plus 34 special tones
    • 10 selectable sound intensities ranging from 0 to 90 dbA at 1m

Type of signaling

  • Visual: Fixed or proportional to the mass in transit – visible from 6m under lighting of 4000lux
  • Visual zone indication: 20 x4 distinct zones (20×2 entry side and 20×2 exit side)


  • Up to 50 built-in security programs (up to 30 International Standards, up to 20 Customizable Levels)
  • Remote via RS-232, Infrared Remote Control Unit, BT wireless communication or Ethernet 10/100 base T (option) interface
  • Security level
    • International Standard (IS) command
    • Chip card
  • Local by Control Unit alphanumeric display and keyboard
  • Programming and chip-card access protected by user and super-user passwords

Operational features

  • Quick reset time as short as 0.2 seconds for a high throughput rate
  • Very high detection speed (up to 50 ft/sec.)
  • Built-in operational and technical functional verification
  • One-touch key reading of inbound, outbound, and Security Level Data

Installation data

  • Automatic synchronization between two or more metal detectors with a distance as close as 12” without the use of external cables
  • Built-in floor sensitivity adjustment function
  • Automatic Installation function (OTS)

Environmental data

  • Power supply: 100…277V~ -10%, 47…63Hz, 40 VA typical consumption
  • Operating temperature: -4°F to 149°F (-34°F to 158°F upon request)
  • Storage temperature: -34°F to 158°F
  • Relative humidity: 0 to 95% (without condensation)

Certification and compliance

  • Complies with the applicable Standards for Law Enforcement and Correctional Facilities
  • Fully compliant with the NIJ-0601.02 Standard requirements
  • Compliant with and certified to the applicable Standards for Enhanced Metal Detectors (EMD)
  • Compliant with the applicable electromagnetic Standards on Human Exposure and Pacemaker Safety
  • Compliant with applicable International Standards for electrical safety and EMC
  • Harmless to magnetic media (CD, tapes, etc.)


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Additional information

Weight 143 lbs
Dimensions 2.2 × 1.2 × 7.58 in

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