SNG180F Semi-Automatic ADA Swing Gate (Framed Glass)

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The SNG180F Semi-Automatic Glass ADA Swing Gate is a tastefully designed waist height 180° opening gate – fitted with a solenoid locking mechanism and door closer. Operation is smooth, reliable, low-maintenance, and ready to integrate with card scanners, temperature detection, intercom, or other access control devices. Its stainless steel pedestal houses a sturdy locking mechanism built for long-term performance. These swing gate entrances are used in locations requiring nice-looking, intelligent management of pedestrian passage such as in a nursing home, daycare, spa, medical office, lobby, hotel, museum, casino, etc.

Data Sheet – SNG180 Series Glass Swing Gates

User Manual – SNG180 Series Glass Swing Gates

Photo of Base for Installation


  • 180-Degree Bi-Directional Swing
  • Suited for applications requiring low volume access and low levels of security
  • Provides controlled access and unassisted closing for any need, be it a cart, wheelchair, or stroller
  • Framed Glass Swing Door
  • 304 Stainless Steel Finish
  • Style options: Framed, Frameless, or in Special 48″ Width
  • Compatible with all kinds of access controllers
  • This particular gate is Semi-Automatic so when triggered it will need to be pushed open, then the gate will then close on its own and lock. The Locking Mechanism uses a 24V Solenoid.
  • Fail Open/Fire Alarm Open: The solenoid will remain open as long as there’s a Fire Trigger, the Solenoid also releases in the event of power Failure for Safety Reasons.



  • Matching Post and Glass Filler Panels
  • Access Control Terminal Posts
  • EntraPASS Access Control Management
  • Integrated Readers/Scanners/Credential Access
  • Power Supply: 220V AC Standard, 110V AC Available upon Request
  • LED indicator lights: 80mm diameter with Red Cross/Green Arrow





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