AG-DA Optical Lane Drop-Arm Turnstile

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Featuring a sleek architectural design, our Waist-High Optical Drop-Arm Turnstiles help security staff manage and control the flow of people through a building. These units use sensors to monitor building entrances, dropping the barrier arms down into the cabinet upon authorized passage, then lifting them back into position after the person has passed.

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Featuring a sleek architectural design with 304 Stainless Steel, Outlaw Optical Drop-Arm Turnstiles provide unsurpassed beauty and performance. delivers the latest in optical sensing technology and builds each unit with great craftsmanship. These units use sensors to monitor building entrances. They allow for people to move through quickly while preventing the entry of those without credentials. The sensors perform anti-passback, anti-tailgating, and anti-crawl detection. An alarm will sound (as well as send a solid-state signal) when more than one person attempts to pass at a time or tries to come in the wrong direction. Multiple alarm options and speech synthesis output allow this turnstile to communicate with the user with phrases like Please enter – or – Access denied, please step out of the lane.

Standard passage width and ADA compliant lanes are available (variable arm length). Customizable reader mounts can be added to accommodate the reader of your choice, including biometric readers, contactless card readers, and multiple other devices. Upgrade to unique metals such as copper, patina/copper, and patina/stainless steel.

Installation by Factory Authorized Installers will ensure your investment will be up and running in a timely and professional manner. A fitted base platform is also available to non-invasively secure the units and conceal wiring. Optical lanes offer a flexible range of passage widths up to 38″, and platforms meet the required ADA slope. Cosmetic and technical features can be customized to fit your location and integrate with EntraPASS Access Control Systems.

Data Sheet

Equipment Dimensional Detail

Base Plate Anchor and Conduit Detail



  • Drop-Arm Turnstiles with Optical Sensors
  • For Interior Use
  • Ideal for settings such as corporate or government lobbies, travel stations, hotels, banks, embassies, museums, etc.
  • Helps you manage the flow of people into and out of a building
  • Optical sensors provide for the passage of up to 20-30 people per minute
  • LED end displays indicate direction status
  • Lower section optical sensors prevent unauthorized crawling through lanes
  • Multiple alarms provide an audible tone, as well as a solid-state output
  • Standard or ADA compliant passage width
  • Standard Casing: #4 brushed 304 Stainless Steel
  • Factory-installed, purpose-built microcontroller platform for embedded custom software
  • Fabricated and tested for proper operation at the factory
  • Requires external Access Control Software/Hardware for barrier actuation
  • Integrate with temperature check readers
  • Integrates with EntraPASS Access Control Systems
  • Hand-built in the U.S.A.



The arms have an adjustable opening and closing speed.
The turnstile also has an anti-tailgating feature that will cause the doors to close faster if someone attempts to tailgate-also setting off an alarm that has adjustable tones and volume as well as an external alarm output.
The anti-tailgating can be turned on or off in either direction.


  • Anti-Tailgate Detection
    Vertical sensors at the front of the lane and horizontal sensors along the inside of the lane with on-off and sensitivity control
  • Programmable Alarm
    Features 8 different tones with volume control
    External output for remote alarm
  • Multiple Access Modes
    Card in/card out, free exit, and lane closed modes for either direction
  • Intelligent User Guidance
    Provides a clear path for the user as they navigate the passage
  • Battery Backup
    Efficient 24 VDC operating system with UPS battery backup
    allows turnstiles to continue operation upon power loss
  • Strength and Durability
    Designed for continued use and maintenance-free performance American-Made Components
    Provides exceptional reliability and compliance for Military and GSA Government projects
  • Optional External Touch Screen
    Allows for control of several functions from a welcome desk or guard booth





  • Card Reader Mounting
  • Matching Post/Rail and Glass Barriers
  • Custom Metals and Finish Materials:



Contact for installation information.
See our portfolio of work.



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Additional information

Weight 192 lbs

AG-SG-S (Start Module), AG-SG-C (Center), AG-SG-E (End Module), AG-SG-ADA Single Lane

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